Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terra Nova Dual Sport

For the first time HORRA held a dual sport ride in conjunction with the enduro. Rally Connex put on the dual sport ride which followed different trails going up to the top of Blue Mountain and back.

Being  member of HORRA I would normally work the enduro but being so busy with work this year I have had very little time to ride. I choose to ride the dual sport ride as the 400 still isn't ready, hopefully 2011 with be the year for riding :(
Rally Connex did a great job and the route was fantastic and a nice mix of scenic road and enjoyable trails with one long and surprisingly challenging water crossing.

It was a perfect day until I got my first flat in years on the road between the second last and last trail section 12KM from the end. Since it was so close and I ride this section all the time I chose to limp back rather then change it out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Riding at the Cottage

At last Jenn and I got out riding together for the first time this year, October!!! And it was our second time up to the cottage :(
It was cold on the road but it was just perfect in the Simcoe County forest. We ran in to a big group from the SCORRA club riding the single track in Wildman forest. We rode a few sections and it was very nice, it is great that there is some people riding up there now as teh single track in Cedar Point forest is totally over grown, the 2 of us just couldn't ride it enough to keep it worked in. It is amazing how fast mother nature can grow over dirt bike trails.
Here is a little video of Jenn riding her 250 in the Wildman track.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paris to Dacre

The Rally Connex Paris to Darce ran again this year. Rode it for the second time and made it further then in the past. Our team, End2End got to the last check 30 min after it closed. We lost our time due to a watered out bike  cause by another team blocking the trail and few breaks that took a few minutes too long. Our team keep things simple, no speeding and obey all the laws of the road. We all had reflective stickers and vests to help distinguish our selfs in the dark which really helped a lot. Over all the event was great despite the torrential down pours in the afternoon, water crossing became lakes! The hydro line trail was simply the best part of the day. I can't wait for 2012!
Me at start "ATTACK"

Jeff's bike at the end


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beagle Bash

It was a wet and cold Sunday, perfect day for a ride at Turkey point. I missed the enduro the day before as the 400 was still out of commission so I took the 640 out for a spin in the single track. The wet clay and mud  proved to be challenge with the bigger bike but it was a whole lot of fun.
While the trail ride was great I hope to be back in 2011 for the enudro.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Look at me! 2009 CMA Enduro National Champion - Novice A!!!

2010 Sandblast - South Carolina

Jenn and I headed south to Cheraw South Carolina at the beginning of February to get away from the cold and snow - and so I could race in Rally Moto's Sandblast rally.

The trip down was good but we arrived to rain, and lots of it. Race was a little cooler then I expected at 5 deg C or so and drizzled on and off. The course was wet but was still loads of fun, the last stage was so late it was in the pitch dark - what an experience!
Jenn did a great job (as usual) doing service for me.
While I was racing snow was coming down pretty heavy in the North East USA so we spent and extra day down there and with the help of a fellow racer we got directions to a nice riding spot in North Carolina. We finally managed to get Jenn's bike out of the trailer and a few hours of riding together in the sun.

2009 Crowsnest AB to Pentiction BC

This is long over due and the reason for setting up this blog - The 2009 Crowsnest AB to Pentiction BC trip!

In July Jenn and I rode 900 km between the Crowsnest in Alberta to the top of Apex mountain near Penticton in British Columbia. The trip was a mix of road and off roading in the mountain passes. This was our first multi-day trip  and had a lot of great experiences along the way.

Photo Essay